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SCUBA Christmas gifts for your dive buddies!

Are you agonising over what to get for your dive buddies this Christmas? Are they avid divers? Or maybe they’ve just discovered the underwater world and they can’t get enough? Either way, look no further, as I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must have stocking fillers any diving fanatic would appreciate! 

We all know how SCUBA gear can get a little expensive, but rest assured I’ve included essential low cost items so you can treat all those loved ones without breaking the bank or their heart! As ocean lovers we would like to do our part to protect and preserve the ocean as much as we can. That’s why I’ve included items that are eco-friendly, sustainable and above all not harmful to our favourite underwater creatures; whether that be the mighty blue whale or the teeny tiny nudibranch! We love them all equally!

So without further adieu, kicking off the festive SCUBA shopping list is a personal favourite! 

1. Rash guard - this is high on my Christmas list this year and a must have for anyone who spends time underwater. Apart from looking the part, rash guards are important for protecting from abrasions and also most importantly they are UV protected so will protect against the suns harmful rays.

2. Mask strap - this is a perfect gift for most divers as it prevents your hair from getting tangled, plus it makes you look like a pro! Check out Saga’s neoprene range here!

3. Dive knife - anyone who dives often should carry a trusty knife to help them out in those sticky situations. I recommend looking at something that will resist corrosion such as titanium, it’s a little more costly but it will last a lot longer! Also it’s a good idea for the knife to have a blunt edge.

4. Towel - if you’re going under the water you’re going to get wet! And what’s better than a towel made completely of recycled material! These new range of towels from Nomadix are great as they are lightweight and fold up small; perfect for travellers who, like myself tend to overpack! Check out the link to see what’s on offer.

5. Sunglasses - anyone who spends time out at sea knows how harmful the sun rays can be on our eyes. So this Xmas why not treat that special someone to a pair of new shades! I personally love the new range by Sea2See as they are made 100% from plastic found in the ocean! Read more about them here!

6. Surface Marker Buoy - it may seem a small thing, but the SMB is a must have safety item for anyone who spends time under the ocean. Plus it makes a perfect cost effective addition to any divers stocking! Or you can get the entire Safety pack here! 7. Dive light - do you have a friend who isn’t scared of the dark?! Night diving is one of the most magical and exciting experiences for divers and having your own trustworthy dive light is a must! Get a quality OrcaTorch here! 8. Tank banger - we all have those friends who like to be heard! Well under the water it’s just as important, a tank banger is the easiest way to signal to your dive buddy in any situation! Whether that’s to point out something cool or just to say hi! Get it here! 9. Dive gear bag - great gift for the diver who has a lot of gear but nothing to put it in! I like the bags from Gili Gear; they are unique, made entirely of upcycled waste material, they look cool and are a brilliant sustainable alternative! Plus they are lightweight, which is important as dive gear can get heavy, especially for air travel! Follow the link to see what Gili Gear have to offer

10. Scratch map - for those divers who love to travel like myself, there’s nothing more fun (and weirdly satisfying) than scratching off those favourite places you’ve travelled to and dived on a scratch map! Include this on your shopping list this year and prepare to be the best gift giver this season! Get it here!

We have you covered for all those ocean warriors you wish to treat this Christmas! 

Read more about sustainable SCUBA accessories on the recent article on the SAGA website, it features awesome discount codes for the eco items I mentioned! These could really help with your bargain festive shopping! 

Happy shopping and merry festive bubbles to all!

Our contributor Chelle Riley is a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer and Tec Diver in Greece.

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