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If you're truly passionate about teaching SCUBA diving, as we are, your end goal is probably a position in the diving industry.

We're well connected around the world and have a job placement rate of about 85% among our graduates (keep in mind not everyone wants to use their credential right away). This success is mainly due to our commitment to our graduates. We follow up after the program, help with resume building, job interview preparation and provide leads for interesting positions.


We strongly believe in a healthy diving industry with reasonable jobs and honest payment. Next to, obviously, becoming a good instructor our PADI IDC in Mallorca and in Utila is heavily focused on career success and understanding the business of diving as a whole.

We deliever the curriculum over a 14 day period, as opposed to the industry standard of 9 days, enabling us to engage in in-depth conversations with you about your plans, your goals and aspirations and how we can help you make those a reality.

Training successful SCUBA professionals is not just something we do once a year. We offer year round programs in different locations around the world and both our Trainers hold the PADI Platinum Course Director AWARD for their dedication to instructor development, growing the industry and setting a positive example to new diving professionals.

Being a well-rounded SCUBA instructor trainer also means continuing your own education, that's we also hold credentials such as Tec Deep Diver instructor trainer, Adaptive Techniques instructor trainer and Hyperbaric chamber operator. We're looking forward to sharing this wealth of knowledge with you on one of our programs very soon!


Depending on the time and location you choose, you may either work with Nick Derutter, PADI Course Director or Stephen J. Aynsley, PADI Course Director.

We like to rotate, keep things fresh, use our down time to travel the world, go SCUBA diving, visit dive shows, follow up with our alumni and -in Stephen's case- also obsessively watch Star Wars movies over and over again.

Stephen copy.png

Stephen J. Aynsley

Nick Derutter


Have a look at this Google map if you'd like to find out where out graduates found work after their training. You can click a pin to learn more.

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