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SEPT 11-21 '19

In the rawest, most remote SAGA adventure to date, we're meeting on the small islands of Pico and Faial in the Azores, located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, as far away from home as you could get.

We'll be conducting 3 close encounter Blue Shark and Mako Shark dives, with a sighting guarantee of 90% per dive. this unique diving location is so wild, it was only discovered two years ago!

If you think the Azores are remote, prepare for another two hour boat ride from there to Princess Alice Bank Seamound, where Mobula Rays are guaranteed to be seen during our 2 dives.

Furthermore we will be conducting 4 more dives around Pico and Faial island and because massive Sperm Whales are in season, we will of course be making an encounter trip with them at sea.

We're only offering 8 spots so write us if you're interested. SAGA Alumni get a 10% discount!

SEPT 11-21, 2019     Only 8 spots available
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