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Everything you need to know to get started on a real career in teaching scuba diving!


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Career in SCUBA: How to Become a Dive Instructor and be Successful

​​If you are ready to get serious about SCUBA diving as a career choice, let this book be a fast-pass through some of the mental, motivational and administrative obstacles that many of us have had to overcome when becoming a diving professional.

This book covers everything you need to know to turn your life around and to start teaching SCUBA diving professionally. Some of the chapters include:


  1. 1. 7 Habits of a Successful Dive Instructor

  2. 2. Getting Your Life Sorted

    3. Training Agencies, Dive Centers and Equipment

  3. 4. Writing a Good Scuba Resume and Social Media

  4. 5. How to Land Your Dream Job

  5. 6. Common Mistakes on the Job

  6. 7. Safeguard Your Future – Visa, Insurance and Retirement

  7. 8. Finding Your Niche

  8. 9. Becoming an Industry Leader


  10. 10. Advice and Stories from the Pros


About the author

Nick Derutter is a multi award winning PADI™ Platinum Course Director. He has trained hundreds of diving instructors and thousands of recreational divers worldwide.


He runs Instructor Development programs in The Americas and Europe, is a Tec Trimix instructor, hyperbaric chamber operator and Diveheart™ Adaptive SCUBA Instructor Trainer. Besides teaching SCUBA divers and instructors, he runs a successful online dive store called Dive SAGA™, an online diving magazine and a diving media business.

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