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Sustainable SCUBA Accessories / Discount code inside!

I think we can all agree on the fact, that as divers, we care about our beloved oceans and want them to be healthy. At the same time - of course - we need equipment to go diving and enjoy our favourite environment. Therefore, we have created a list with amazing online shops and start-ups, which work with upcycled ocean plastic and/or thrive on sustainable production to offer all kinds of accessories and equipment we need for diving. In the following article, we will present to you 6 really innovative and upbeat businesses that created products, that are not just super stylish but also have a great impact on the 7 seas. Get ready to help clean our oceans simply with going on an online shopping trip.

Outerknown: A company created by surfer Kelly Slater, who invented nylon for board shorts made of abandoned fishing nets. They look really cool and are also treated with durable water repellent, which will make them dry in no time - so you can say goodbye to freezing during surface intervals. In the online shop, the brand also offers other products, such as apparel and accessories - all manufactured in a sustainable manner.

GOTBAG: The first Backpack made of ocean plastic is not just very resistant and stylish, but also 100% waterproof and perfect for diving. The founder’s mission to „have an impact on people and the world“ led to a business, that is about creating spacious, trendy dry bags in a 100% sustainable way. On their website, they describe the whole process and positive impact about the production - it’s definitely worth checking out.

Sea2See: These guys create super stylish, resistant and light sunglasses out of 100% ocean plastic and fishing gear. They offer glasses and sunglasses in many different designs, which are all handmade. Since they care a lot about the quality and good lenses, their sunnies are definitely perfect for us divers to protect our eyes from the sun. The whole business-concept is really appealing and holistic: Sea2See works closely with fishermen to collect and analyse the plastic and also provide them with their sunglasses - for free. You can check out their story and product range in the online shop - happy shopping!

Fourth Element: Most of you are probably already familiar with that brand, it is one of the pioneers in the industry of sustainable wetsuits, rash guards and other accessories for diving. In fact, Fourth Element was the first company ever to sell wetsuits for divers, which are made of recycled ocean waste. Founded already in 1999, they dedicated their business to sustainability and diving clothes. Whether you are looking for free diving or SCUBA diving accessories - you will probably find really cool and functional products there. Their label „OceanPositive“ shows you which merchandise is made from marine waste.

NOMADIX: Well where there is an ocean, there should be towel close by, right? We found a really unique brand, that produces beautiful towels and ponchos, that are perfect for any activity you plan on doing - after-dive beach chill, yoga, or simply to not be cold after diving. NOMADIX towels are perfect for travelling because they are light and will definitely fit in every „already-almost-too-full-backpack“ easily. The founders work solely with recycled materials instead of harvesting new resources from the planet.

Gili Gear One of our personal favorites, SCUBA Instructor Derrek makes upcycled gear bags from discarded product that would otherwise go to waste. Especially their dive gear bags are known for their extreme durability and light weight. As an added bonus, no two bags ever look the same! Looking to upgrade your bag to a durable, upcycled and sustainable alternative? Use coupon code LINGERLONGER upon checkout for 20% off!

In 2050 we will see more plastic than fish in the ocean, which sounds horrifying. But we think we can still make a change! If everyone contributes somehow to change this trend, we can create a better future for us and the next generations. Using existing resources instead of creating more waste for the production of consumer goods is a brilliant start. And let’s be honest, shopping for new diving clothes or accessories for the greater good sounds pretty sweet to us.

Our contributor Maike Baun is a SCUBA Instructor and conservationist who currently works in Marketing and Communications for

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