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The Gold-standard in technical diving computers with Air Integration for up to two cylinders. Transmitter NOT included.






The Gold-standard in technical diving computers with Air Integration for up to two cylinders. Transmitter INCLUDED.




Sleek and Sophisticated

Merging state of the art manufacturing techniques, innovative engineered materials, and consumer feedback, Shearwater has successfully developed a low-profile, sleekly contoured design without sacrificing features vital to technical divers. It’s everything you love about the Petrel dive computer, just smaller. Offering all of the same great features of the Perdix, the Perdix AI uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining (GTR). The Perdix AI is capable of connecting to either one or two transmitters giving the diver the option to monitor both tanks or dive sidemount.

Simple and Powerful
Optional Air IntegrationThe Perdix AI is capable of displaying tank pressure in all modes

High Resolution, easy-to-read display
2.2" display with vivid, enhanced colour range and saturation

Thin, Low-profile Design
30% smaller in volume than the Petrel

Two Button Interface
Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure

User Replaceable Batteries for both Perdix AI and Transmitter
The Perdix AI works with any standard AA battery and the transmitter uses a 3V CR2 Lithium

Bluetooth Smart
This enables communication with PC, Mac, iPod, and iPad with lower power consumption

User Customizable Display
Customize your display with information important to you

Multiple Languages
Languages include: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Desktop Control
Analyze your dive log, deco profile, temperature and more. For the Perdix AI you can monitor your tank pressure and SAC throughout the dive.Download and display dive logs quickly with Bluetooth Smart technology.You can display as much or as little information as you need.

"Effortless to read, simple to use but capable of any kind of diving you take on, the Perdix AI is our Testers Choice for air-integrated wrist computers.."

"One of the most dominant dive computers within the technical community is the Shearwater Perdix, but the Canadian manufacturer is keen to point out that the Perdix is equally at home as a three-gas nitrox open-circuit recreational computer, as it is in the world of deep tech and rebreathers. The vivid, 5.5cm, high-resolution screen ensures visibility at all depths, with the display customisable to show data preferred by the user. Five open-circuit and five CCR gases are programmable through the adaptive menu system, which displays settings relevant only to the current mode of operation, with a two-button system for ease of navigation. Desktop connection is via a Bluetooth interface. A user-changeable AA battery ensures easy availability of replacements."

"When it comes to performance, the Perdix AI is not messing around. Durable and flexible, it can be configured not only for different kinds of dives but different kinds of divers. As you move through the menus, the two sealed tap-control buttons (no flooding!) change to correspond with the new content. Instead of one, two, or even five buttons with fixed functions, the Perdix has two tap-control buttons that adapt to whatever functions are needed for a particular screen. Labels at the bottom of the screen will always tell you what the current options are, so there’s no guesswork to add to your task load at depth."

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