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Where to find the perfect dive buddy

Have you ever wondered how to find a dive buddy, when all your "dive friends" are busy? We have and, therefore, went on a little research-journey for you guys! To spare you the time to find a companion for your next trip, we created a list with online and offline places and platforms for divers looking for company. Besides being the perfect platform to match with a new buddy, you can also find interesting articles and and much more.

1. This website offers a platform/forum for divers looking for dive buddies or any other kind of diving related topics. You can find dive clubs, articles, dive sites and much more. If you seek for a dive buddy you can simply filter for ‚Buddy wanted‘ and you will find many people looking for company in different areas around the globe. The website is very neat and easy to navigate through. They also have a Facebook group, where all kinds of diving related topics get posted and you can definitely post a request for a buddy there as well.

2. Join a dive club near you

That way you meet people and you can get to know them in person. Also, you can create a great network of divers that live near you. Dive clubs often organise social and ‚networking‘ events or activities which will help you to find many potential buddies and/or friends in your area that share the same passion. You can find dive clubs near you for example at

3. Don’t shy away from going on a solo-diving-trip Most people are afraid of going on an adventure by themselves - especially a diving adventure - because it requires a second person (most of the time). But dive shops are a social place, where people meet and dive together. It’s very uncommon to not meet anyone on the same wavelength, who you could buddy up with and widen your buddy-network. Also, you will always have either a dive master or an instructor by your side…and as we all know they are mostly really nice and open minded people.

4. Facebook - the platform of possibilities…and new dive buddies Facebook offers an easy way to get in touch with people, which makes it easy for divers to find like minded people. You solely have to join a Facebook group such as ‚Divers Around The World‘

or ‚Dive Travel‘

. These groups are created to make it easier for divers to interact, exchange contacts and information, sell equipment and much more. Make sure you join groups, that are interesting for you regarding activities and/or areas and also check the number of followers/member. The more followers/members a groups has, the higher the chances to find what or who you are looking for. You can also look for Facebook groups that are particularly created for your area, which makes it easier to meet the person you are gonna go diving with before actually going on a trip together and maybe align plans, budgets etc. Joining Facebook groups gives you the opportunity to reach and to interact with a wide range of fellow divers. Additionally, interesting contents about our oceans, diving, marine life, pollution, etc. are being posted.

We wish you a lot of fun on your next trip and happy bubbles! Our contributor Maike Baun is a SCUBA Instructor and conservationist who currently works in Marketing and Communications for

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