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How to prepare for your PADI IDC

Whether you are researching into your PADI SCUBA instructor course or have already made your booking, there is a point not too far away from now where you will need to start preapring for it. As the old saying goes, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ so the simple act of turning up for your Instructor Development Course (IDC) isn’t enough. The biggest misconceptions for instructor training is that you will be taught everything you need to know and this is completely false. There are certain things you are expected to already be comfortable with before attendance as they are not taught in the instructor course but they are evaluated.

There are three main areas in which you should be preparing. You are training to become a PADI SCUBA instructor, PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors - the first word is professional. Anyone undertaking professinal training and wanting to represent themselves as a professional should act accordingly, being as prepared as possible for this high level course certainly fits that description. Your levels of preparation will not only influence your performance and understanding within the training itself, but it will also heavily dictate who you are as an instructor when you emerge from the process after your certification as a PADI SCUBA instructor.

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Knowledge Development.

Once you officially register for your course we can send you the required PADI eLearning code for the IDC. This eLearning must be completed before the IDC starts. It is important not to rush through this as the information you will learn is applied throughout your instructor course. As part of this eLearning you are also issued with a digital Diving Knowledge Workbook which you also need to complete. This is where you build upon the five areas of dive theory that you were taught in your Divemaster training - Physics, Physiology, Equipment, General Skills & Environment and the Recreational Dive Planner. More than anything, this is the area that people take for granted by assuming your Course Director will simply teach this to you but that’s not how this process works. This is a knowledge base you are expected to have attained as a Divemaster and should bring with you into your SCUBA instructor training. As with the eLearning, you are evaluated in this area by way of exams which you need to pass so take the time to get your theory strong before attending an IDC. Once you are at a level of comfort where you can explain why something is correct then you are there, because explaining things is inevitably going to be your role. Any areas or specific questions you don’t understand you will be expected to first find out because this is what it means to have a positive, professional attitude. If there are only a couple of things you’re not sure about then don’t worry, we will be able to explain some things during the instructor course. It is probably already quite evident that your success is determined quite heavily by your commitment level. Those who do not commit stand a much lower chance of success than those who do.

Skill Practice.

Your general diving skills and comfort levels are an ongoing assessment whenever you are in the water during your training, so be sure to have recent dive experience before turning up to your PADI IDC. If you have access to a pool or confined water then make a point of rehersi