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Contrary to popular belief, there are jobs to be found in the diving industry and many jobs that either pay well or enable a life style that others can only dream of.

We can't sit the interview for you but we can definitely help you perfect your SCUBA Instructor resume and help you with the contacts to find that first job. SAGA and its Course Directors have an extensive network that spans the globe, which is an amazing resource to draw from as a new SCUBA Instructor. 

Upon graduation, our brand new instructors get automatically added to the "SAGA Instructor Network". This closed group is for graduates only and serve as a tool to stay in touch with their peers, to exchange information about upcoming job positions at each other's place of employment and to share their resumes.

Through this network, our graduates usually find employment before the search even begins and the group continuous to be a strong resource throughout the rest of your career.

To make sure you will never forget that we're always there for you, every graduate received a SAGA pendant. Consider it a lucky charm and our way of reminding you that we're committed to your success, long after you've landed that first job.

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