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SAGA Instructor Network Benefits

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Since January 2018, we've started a new tradition, something rather special! If you graduated from your PADI Instructor Development Course with Course Director Nick Derutter or Stephen J. Aynsley, you're getting a special parting gift. The SAGA necklace. Many people ask for prices, where to buy them, if they can be customized or bought online as a gift. Here's the painful reality: the only way to get the necklace is to graduate from an instructor or IDC Staff Instructor course with us. Why? The SAGA necklace stands for something more. We didn't just try to create an attractive piece of jewelry. After all, that's not our business model. We're in the transformation business and we create new career paths. The SAGA necklace is a reminder of our continued support to your success in the SCUBA industry. Long after you graduate, please call upon us to help you find that next job, to answer those tricky questions or just for a chat! It takes you places. Furthermore, the SAGA necklace provides you discounted member access to our exclusive SAGA bucket list dive travel. How much discount? 10%. In most cases, that's between 150-200 USD price reduction for an exclusive dive trip where you'll be surrounded by dive professionals and like minded SCUBA industry folk. If you completed your instructor training pre-2018, you can still claim your SAGA necklace! Join us for a trip (at discounted member rates of course) and we'll make sure to bring you one!

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