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5 Gift Ideas for the Ocean Lover

Christmas is just a few weeks away and after this challenging year for all, why not treat your nearest and dearest with a thoughtful gift that also benefits our oceans!

Here are 5 gift ideas for your fellow dive enthusiasts who have a passion for conservation, sustainability and marine decor:

1. Ocean Apparel

  • Dive SAGA: Some of you may have heard of this awesome brand who have recently just dropped their new ocean-themed apparel. Perfect to wear on surface intervals, to show off at dive conventions or really just anywhere! Check out their unique designs and photo prints.

  • Girls That Scuba: If you're apart of the dive community, then you're most likely familiar with this brand. Their online store offers dive apparel ranging from sharky clothing and mask straps to ocean stickers and hair scrunchies! Many ideas for the perfect stocking fillers.

2. Marine Artwork

  • Francesca Page Art: Francesca is an artist, photographer and dive professional who is based in the UK. Visit her website to browse her pieces, including prints of her photography, marine paintings and new popular sticker collection (which any marine animal lover will obsess over!).

  • Madison Mueller Art: Madison is a marine scientist based in Australia who uses her talent to bring awareness to important conservation issues through her art. Get your hands on her fine art prints, greetings cards and her unique travel cups and coffee mugs!

3. Eco-Conscious Products

  • Pucker Up Power Up: Business owner Vicky is based on Roatan, a hugely popular dive destination in The Bay Islands. Not only does Vicky offer vegan meal deliveries on the island, but she has created her own line of handmade skincare products and eco-conscious alternatives to many of your every day essentials. If you're visiting Roatan on your next dive trip or you live locally, be sure to show your support and shop at this small reef friendly business.

  • A Waste Free World: Created by the owner of Girls That Scuba, this online store offers you countless plastic-free alternatives to daily household products which are also vegan and biodegradable, as well as an entire page dedicated to items for scuba divers and Christmas gifts!

4. Upcycled Materials

  • Gili Gear: This Colorado based company has found a way to repurpose colourful vinyl mesh materials into unique dive bags and accessories. Named after the Indonesian island 'Gili Air', these products are designed with divers in mind, making them the ideal durable and sustainable gift for an underwater enthusiast this Christmas.

  • Mindful Manta: This company up-cycles used wetsuits to make neoprene purses, pouches and thermal drink holders. Mindful Manta is conscious of their impact, which is why they only use plastic free, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. They also have a campaign in which they plant a tree for every item sold, supporting their mission for cleaner oceans and fresher air. Another great idea for stocking fillers this season!

5. Jewellery for Good Cause

  • Honu: Based in the UK, Honu makes ocean inspired sterling silver jewellery with a goal to help save sea turtles. They are partnered with Sea Turtle Conservancy in Florida and every order goes towards supporting their work. Their online website also offers gift sets, bundle packs as well as single pieces, all of which are delicately simple and stunning jewellery which make for a very special gift.

  • 4Ocean: As a diver you have most likely already heard of this brand or will recognise their bracelets! 4Ocean are widely known for their marine conservation efforts, for every bracelet purchased they remove a pound of marine debris from oceans and beaches. Wearing a 4Ocean bracelet identifies your support in the clean ocean movements and shows your support in a plastic free future. Every colour represents a different marine animal, so head to their site to choose your favourite!

Whether it be an inexpensive stocking filler or an extra-special keepsake, these gift ideas are suitable for every diver and ocean lover. They're stylish, thoughtful and durable whilst also supporting marine conservation - we can't think of a better gift this year!

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